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Rey's Adventures
Just a few of the projects I've worked on over the years.
Also, here are a few quick links for more stuff, for sure keep in touch!  Let me know what you think.

My cartoon film, The Adventures of Clark Kent.

What if Superman got amnesia, forgot who he was, and joined a local baseball team under a new identity, star athlete Bud Smith.

Will Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen figure out Bud's true identity?

Rey Marz

Small clip from

The Two Professors, inspired by Indiana Jones.  What if two professors from Marshall College joined their colleague Dr. Jones on one of his adventures?

Full movie here:

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Rey Marz_the Evans Girl.jpg

Behind-the-scenes with co-star

Alison Lees-Taylor in the award-

winning film The Evans Girl.

More films and pictures at

Clip from some of my scenes from the TV show Betrayed: Bent on Betrayal on the Investigation Discovery Network, based on the true story of Joan Bent.  I am portraying her husband.

I love playing music, messing around on guitar, piano, and more recently, I had to learn harmonic for a role in a feature film called Tidy Tim's. In this song I am playing on a guitar that my dad brought back from a trip to Spain many years ago.

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