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Playing Ukulele on a Film Set

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This is behind the scenes footage from a short film I did awhile back, Picks & Shovels for the Weak, about the California Gold Rush, directed by Eduardo Bautista. Between filming, we had some time to hang out. Our co-star Jack James started playing his ukulele, an old song from 1918 called "After You've Gone" by Marion Harris.


The photo at the beginning of the video features some of the actors in character, from left to right: Rocco Bovo, Jack James and Me. And then you hear me say, "We found the script!" In a previous video that I uploaded, the ukulele playing stopped short. As it turned out, somebody's script for the film went missing! So we banded together and eventually found it! Phew!

Here is a link to the first video:


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